Since autumn 2005 Effi and Amir have been following an olive tree that was planted in the Parc Leopold, a small and well-tended park at the feet of the European Parliament, and a few dozens of meters away from their apartment in Brussels. The Olive tree, as foreign as them, appeared in the park several weeks after their own arrival in this city. It was difficult not to regard it as a mirror, and the reflection it was sending them was quite discouraging. They visited this tree regularly, documenting it while constantly questioning this new attachment they were developing towards it. The tree’s condition has gradually deteriorated, until in spring 2012 it was removed, leaving an oval patch of soil on the green grass.

For quite some time Effi and Amir didn’t know how to use the material they have created and accumulated, both video documentation, staged clips and writings, until the day they looked at the park in Google Map, and found out that the tree was still there, not in the top view, but in the street view, still out there, continuously dying.
The Vanishing Vanishing Point is a sort of a film-essay, a chain of thoughts and observations, at times concrete, at times poetic, that evolve along a contemplative walk in a European garden. In the garden there is a tree, and there is always a couple. The new world with its new supposedly unlimited knowledge is very tempting. 

The Vanishing Vanishing-Point is part of the current visual research of the artists into the world of Google Street View. In this research they try to develop different approches of film making inside an already existing photography. Google Street View offers them a paralel reality, already documented. Inside this huge “snapshot of the world”, all they have to do is reframing…

  • Color system PAL
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  • Year 2014
  • Duration 00:27:50
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    Running text/titles: English UK
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