"With reflective essays, analytic texts and descriptions of the audio-visual works, the argosfestival 2003 catalogue brings an in depth overview of the curated programmes, work surveys, performances, exhibitions and discussions that took place at the argosfestival 2003 (17-25 October). More than merely an anthology of the different components of the festival, the catalogue forms an implicit reflection on the position of contemporary audio-visual arts in relation to complex evolutions of an economical, social, cultural and political nature. In the essay ‘Nations, Pollinations and Dislocations: Changing Imaginary Borders in the Americas’, Elena Feder analyses the mental and physical concept of borderlines, running through more than fifty years of audiovisual footage made on the American continents. ‘Politics of Noise’ with essays by Ive Stevenheydens and Paul Hegarty examines the friction between clamour, ‘noise’ and music, focussing on meaning and the ‘political’ strategies or issues that might arise from it. Nat Mullers text ‘Coded Interference’ illustrates and questions new modes of producing and reading artworks zooming in on the moment when the ‘code’ or the system is inhibited by (external) circumstances.

In essays and descriptions, the argosfestival 2003 catalogue also surveys historic and more recent audio-visual works. ‘Flashing into the Shadows: the artist’s film in America 1966-76’, an essay by Chrissie Iles and Eric de Bruyn, outlines with the likes of Robert Morris, Richard Serra, Hollis Frampton, Mel Bochner, Robert Smithson, Dan Graham, Bruce Nauman and Vito Acconci, the hey-day of the artist’s cinema in the United States between 1966 and 1976. In an additional essay entitled ‘Shadow of the Spectacle’, de Bruyn examines how post-minimal film redefined the relationship between the function of exhibition and its interaction with the public. Essays by Christa Blümlinger (on Harun Farocki), Yaël André (Claudio Pazienza), Jean-Michel Botquin (Franciska Lambrechts & Honoré d’O), Astrid Mania (Joëlle de la Casinière) and Jean-Christophe Royoux (separate essays on Pierre Huyghe as well as on Jeroen de Rijke and Willem de Rooij) summarise the works and the strategies of both important international and Belgian contemporary audio-visual artists.

To conclude, the catalogue of the argosfestival 2003 is the ultimate reference book on Belgian audio-visual artistic production, offering an elaborate selection of more than 200 film & video-, sound- and new media- works made in Belgium in 2002 and 2003."  (Source: Argos)

argosfestival 2003
24 x 16 cm, 506 pages, English / Dutch


  1. Nations, Pollinations and Dislocations. Changing Imaginary Borders in the Americas : Naties, pollinaties en dislokaties: veranderende imaginaire grenzen op het Amerikaanse continent
  2. Flashing into the Shadows. The Artist's Film in America 1966-1976 : Flashing into the Shadows. De kunstenaarsfilm in Amerika, 1966-1976
  3. Shadows of the Spectacle : Schaduwen van het Spektakel
  4. Politics of Noise. Between disruption and acceptance : Politics of Noise. Tussen disruptie en acceptatie
  5. Politics of Noise. Residue - Margin - Other: Noise as Ethics of Excess : Politics of Noise. Residu - marge - ander: noise als de ethiek van het excessieve
  6. Coded Interference : Coded Interference
  7. Imago Mundi. A hypothesis on the images of Jeroen de Rijke and Willem de Rooij : Imago Mundi. Een hypothese over de beelden van Jeroen de Rijke en Willem de Rooij
  8. Harun Farocki: Critical Strategies : Harun Farocki: kritische strategieën
  9. Displacements. Fresh remarks on the forms of remake in the work of Pierre Huyghe : Verschuivingen. Nieuwe bedenkingen bij de remake en zijn vormen in het werk van Pierre Huyghe
  10. I'm Losing My Alphabet - An introduction to Claudio Pazienza : Ik verlies er mijn abc bij - Een inleiding op Claudio Pazienza
  11. ACB primer (or: ABClaudio by Pazienza) : Het ACB (of ABClaudio door Pazienza)
  12. Croyez-vous que la télévision vous aime? An essay on the videos by Joëlle de La Casinière and Montfaucon Research Center / Een essay over de video's van Joëlle de La Casinière en Montfaucon Research Center
  13. MAKE A CHOICE, PUT A CASSETTE INTO THE PLAYER, PUSH PLAY - Videos in process by Franciska Lambrechts and Honoré d'O : MAKE A CHOICE, PUT A CASSETTE INTO THE PLAYER, PUSH PLAY - Het videofilmproces van Franciska Lambrechts en Honoré d'O
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