"Born in 1961, Michel Lorand started his artistic trajectory during the 1980s in experimental theatre. Since the end of the 1990s he has been focusing on the creation of installations and video films. This book is the result of a succession of installations and films (2004 and 2005): Medea, Cut, Camera obscura and Epilogue.

"Changes of speed, scattered monitors, the dissociation of image and sound; but also the incommunicability and the polyphony of languages, nocturnal wanderings, the voices talking of disappearance (love, light), the refilming, the panning of the camera, the dim light of the camera obscura... The confined spaces of Medea, Cut and Camera obscura contrast with open space; circular mythical time contrasts with linear, tragic time; theatrical form contrasts with an explicit filmic device-even the titles of two of the pieces make explicit reference to editing (Cut) and projection (Camera obscura)." Philippe-Alain Michaud" (Source: Argos)

Michel Lorand - 3 Short Stories
16 x 23 cm, 153 pages, English / French

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  • Size153 p.
  • Year2007
  • ISBN9076855226
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    • ARGOS Editions : Brussels
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    • Philippe-Alain Michaud
    • Michel Lorand