"This book, which has been conceived as a kind of collective artists’ book, brings together 46 foreign artists who live and work in Brussels. Most of the artists have devised new projects especially for the occasion, some of which reflect on the city itself. As Brussels is gradually becoming an emergent centre for international contemporary artists, an increasing number of artists are moving to the city. This growing artistic community constitutes a considerable cultural asset for the city of Brussels and its cultural milieu. With 25 nationalities represented, the book can be seen as a micro-reflection of the artistic and multi-cultural diversity so characteristic of Brussels. The book aims both to present a selective overview of the significant number of foreign artists living in Brussels, through specially conceived projects, but also tries to capture the distinct psycho-geography of Brussels – a city with an ambiguous and elusive image - as seen through the unique perspective of the artists." (Source: Argos)

The Residents
12,5 x 19 cm, 352 pages, English

Designed by the Stone Twins.
With the support of the Brussels Capital Region.


  1. Being, in Brussels
  2. Brussels, the inoperative community
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  • Size329 p.
  • Year2007
  • ISBN9789076855233
  • Publish info
    • ARGOS Editions : Brussels
  • Editor(s)
    • Katerina Gregos
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