The adhesion of sound and image, hearing and seeing, is also explored in real-time. Mikko Hynninen will make use of the inherent sound image of the Kaaitheaterstudio’s as a resource for an in-situ performance, in which the environment itself is considered as a virtual instrument. During the closing night of this festival edition the collective of MIMEO and video maker Kjell Bjørgeengen are on the lookout for colorful dialogue, amongst musicians, between image and sound, analogue and digital, control and coincidence.

Mikko Hynninen

The young Finnish artist Mikko Hynninen (1972) manoeuvres between theatrical scenes, the concert stage and the gallery space. In his as yet budding trajectory, he has demonstrated a keen interest in working with immaterial media – specifically light and sound. His project in the Kaaitheaterstudio’s is a continuation of ‘Kiasma-teatteri’, which was conceived for the project and performance space of the Kiasma Museum in Helsinki. Hynninen develops in-situ performances in which the space itself is at the heart, based on its inherent sounds and logistical elements. Space is perceived both as a source and a product, as a virtual instrument that constructs the performance itself. The result is a minimalist electro-mechanical opera, a ‘ballet mécanique’ in which spatial elements and technical objects – he refers to them as readymades – are humanised and in a sequence of action and reaction they mature into a living organism.

Mikko Hynninen (Joensuu, Finland, 1972) studied light and sound design at the Finnish Theatre Academy and media studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, both in Helsinki. He works as a free-lance light and sound designer for the Finnish National Opera, Zodiac – Centre for New Dance and the Finnish National Theatre, among others. In addition, he is further developing his own work, both in solo contexts and in a variety of collaborative organizations, including the Helsinki Computer Orchestra.

Fri, 21 Oct 2005
20:00 - 22:00

MIMEO & Kjell Bjørgeengen

Cor Fuhler (NL)
Gert-Jan Prins (NL)
Phil Durrant (GB)
Rafaël Toral (PO)
Peter Rehberg (AU)
Keith Rowe (UK)
Kjell Bjørgeengen

MIMEO (Music In Movement Electronic Orchestra)isa casual collective grouped around musician/visual artist Keith Rowe (1940), a prolific figure head of British improvisational music who first came to public prominence during the late 60’s as a member of AMM. MIMEO has crossed Europe in various configurations and at present, apart from Rowe, includes illustrious musicians such as Peter Rehberg (MEGO), Justin Bennett, Christian Fennesz, Jerome Noetinger, Gert-Jan Prins and others from the domains of electronics and improvisation. Keith Rowe himself describes the dynamics of the company in terms of a “doubt ladentransition from the world of scarcity (analogue spectrum)to the one of plenty (digital)”. On the one hand there is a group of ‘primitives’, with instruments strongly rooted in musical tradition, whereas ayounger guard fully embraces the broad possibilities of new technologies. This results in performances,which might be described more as happenings, inthe way Allan Kaprow perceived them, rather than concerts.At the argosfestival the ranks of MIMEO are reinforced for the first time by video maker Kjell Bjørgeengen(1951), who in the past has worked with musicianssuch as Otomo Yoshihide and Evan Parker. Bjørgeengen retains his idiosyncratic subjective world of images,but also lets go of that subjective grasp, making use of automated image filtering and sound processing.Granular visual shadows vibrate, unfold and reveal hidden forms; gradually they develop and disintegrate.For the merger of the MIMEO sound world and the visual universe of Bjørgeengen, Rowe aims at “a claustrophobic/ oppressive / teaming inner world with a high intense scrambling sound”.

Sat, 22 Oct 2005
22:00 - 00:00

This event is part of argosfestival 2005

Mikko Hynninen, Ondulation, 2005  
  • Fri 21.10.2005 - Sat 22.10.2005
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