The majority of Nicolas Provost’s short-film work is centred on the eye, and looks at how we make images into something internal. The image is on the side of the psyche, perception and sensory experience. Provost’s work has an alchemical core. It appeals to that which lies beyond the field of vision and aims to engage our blind spot. Inside and outside and fiction and reality fold into one another. Jonathan Thonon (Liège University) and Paul Willemsen (Argos) are the hosts in a conversation with the artist. Both are engaged in research into aspects of image transformation in this artist’s work. Thonon is working on datamoshing and glitch art in Long Live the New Flesh, whereby the surface of the image becomes malleable and porous. Willemsen focuses on digital mirror effects and bilateral symmetry in such works as Suspension and Storyteller. After briefly filling in the background to their work and offering some illustrations, they introduce Provost’s oeuvre, with a specific focus on Plot Point Trilogy, the exhibition on at Argos. This is followed by a conversation and public encounter with the artist in an agreeably informal atmosphere.

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Nicolas Provost photographed by Cici Olsson, 2011. Courtesy of Argos, Centre for Art and Media  
  • Sat 05.5.2012
    15:00 - 17:00
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    Location: Argos
    Opening hours: 11.00-18.00 (show); 15.00-17.00 (talk)
    Entrance Fee: € 5/3

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