On the occasion of the Vienna Indepant Shorts Film Festival, Nicolas Provost's Ego will be shown in the official competition section as well as at the opening ceremony and in the context of the youth program.

Ego stands for a dizzying trip through the cosmos. An astronaut is flung into space. Rudderless, irrevocably heading for the eternal black hole. The images originate from existing films such as Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, the soundtrack offers no redemption. A dystopian vision of the future?

VIS wants to create tension and encourage fantasies, pique people’s curiosity and incite discussions, in short: generate the desire for short films. No matter if fiction or documentary films, animated or experimental work – at best, the experience of watching a film doesn’t end with the credits rolling and the festival represents enrichment for both the local audience as well as international short filmmaking.

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