“Experiencing love  - what is it? – how do you say it? – how do you paint it? – how do you represent it? Between the cliché of love with its stereotype images of fluffy pink candy or vivid red passion, and all the other various amorous clichés, there’s a whole jumble of ideas rather like our own lives and personal histories, foreign to everyone except ourselves . What aspects of love do we all share?

The hypothesis at BIP2012 is that we share forms and figures. Short of sharing love itself, it is the image of love which moves us, jolts our memory and inspires us with its warmth as well as causing us grief and pain.

Here, images of love, moving, perplexing, captured in the endless flow of looks and bodies, are what the artist has done, one day, to focus the eye, onto this strange attraction of one person for another, whether by looking straight at it or casting sidelong glances towards it. These looks or glances, taken as a day-to-day occurrence, are found, reworked, invented, placed in a particular setting; they give shape to this agitation, this enthusiasm, this intoxication, this rapture, this melancholy, this abandon, this search ... The struggle against disappearance. Love of the image to keep an image of love, before…” (Anne-Françoise Lesuisse :