The Argos License Agreements provide in-house public performance rights, archival rights, or the right for the educational use of Argos titles. The license agreement appropriate to your order must be signed and received by Argos prior to any public presentation (including educational use). Payment must be received in advance before materials can be shipped.

Online Distribution Catalogue
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Types of rental and purchase licenses
All works may be rented for screenings or exhibitions. Works may be purchased for archival and educational use by museums, video libraries, media collections and educational institutions. None of these licenses include exploitation rights for television broadcast, nor the right to publish the work online or any other rights then those described below.
According to the intended use of a work, different license agreements apply:

- Single or repeated screening during a public event or exhibition. A screening implies a single or repeated public presentation of a work within a given context- i.e festival, exhibition, media event. Screening rights cover a period fixed in advance and require the payment of screening fees.

- Media library purchase. A media library purchase provides an institution or organization with in-house screening rights for educational use and archival rights. This purchase does not include rights to show the work in public screenings or exhibitions.

How to order
Please contact distribution@argosarts.org for all inquiries, or call the office at +32 (0)2 229 00 03.

Pricing policy
Screening and purchase prices are fixed individually and depend on the following criteria: length of the work, number of projections or period of a public event, screening format and number of titles of a particular artist requested.

Copyright information
Copyright for all works is held by the artists and Argos, Centre for Art and Media and cannot be transferred to third parties unless written consent is given by Argos. Works may not be copied, digitally reproduced and stored, transferred or sub-leased to third parties. No extracts or still images may be produced without prior authorization by Argos.