An important aspect of Argos' multiple functions is the constantly expanding Medialibrary. Over the years, Argos has created a unique medialibrary, which contains 4000 film and video titles turning it into the largest collection of its kind in Belgium. The Medialibrary also contains more than 4000 books, catalogues, specialist art magazines and critical compilations on audio-visual art and visual culture. A full online catalogue is available on this website.

Argos is a partner Gama (Gateway to Archives of Media Art), a central online portal to Media Art in Europe that is supported by the European Community's eContentplus programme. The partnership with GAMA, as well as partnerships with Digitising Contemporary Art (DCA) and the Europeana portal is part of our ongoing efforts to open up the Argos archive to a larger audience.


Visiting hours :

Please note!

Due to reconstruction works in our exhibition space, the media library will not be accessible from July 20 until September 1st. We apologize for the inconvenience caused, and welcome you again starting September 2!

From Monday to Friday from 10am until 6pm - access by appointment only. Please contact us by sending en e-mail to medialibrary@argosarts.org or call +32 2 229 0003

* During the weekend, the Media Library is closed, except when there is an exhibition. When it is the case, you can visit the Media Library during exhibition hours (11am-6pm) after registering at the reception desk. 

Consultation of the Medialibrary documents

The Medialibrary is not a lending library. Consultation of documents is restricted to the Medialibrary only.
Photocopies can be made at the library.

Guidelines for the consultation of documents

1. Online // A full online catalogue is available on this website. Click Here.
2. At Argos // Please make an appointment - if possible two working days beforehand -  by an e-mail to medialibrary@argosarts.org. Please include a list of works you would like to view or publications you want to consult. Prior inquiries before sending out an email can be made by phoning +32 2 229 00 03.
3. Any questions? // Please do contact us by calling +32 2 229 0003 or send an e-mail to medialibrary@argosarts.org.