Brecht Debackere studied at the Fine Arts academy in Bruges, Audiovisual art at the RITCS (Brussels) and image & media technology at HKU in Hilversum, and he is a Master of Arts Image synthesis and Computer Animation. Since 1995 he has been working with all aspects of video, analogue as well as digital, fiction as well as animation, media design, video synthesis, interaction and conceptual design. Debackere works under the name of Autofasurer ( on experiments with abstract design and the integration of design with video synthesis and programmed systems. These can be influenced live. He also works with Visualantics (, a Belgian foundation, on more figurative, documentary projects, from animation to video clips. Debackere has worked with and performed assignments for, among others, WORM foundation (Rotterdam), PARK4DTV (Amsterdam) and the Dutch TV network VARA. He lives and works in Hilversum and Brussels.