"The most public secret society inspiring new folk rhymes" says a motto on their website. Potential Estate is a temporary alliance that designs residential spaces and narratives. It operates along models of self-organization and participation. As a performative answer to the crisis of the community, Potential Estate has elected Belgium, Wisconsin (USA) as its new Frontier. Each Cabinet is the chapter of a plurivocal narrative the epilogue of which is continually postponed. One could already come across the ghosts of pedagogist Joseph Jacotot, communard geographer Elisée Reclus, multiple pseudonym Wally Hope, fourierist anarchist Marie-Adèle Anciaux, Hopi priest Cleo Jurino and artworks of guest artists Seth price, Joe Scanlan, Jimmie Durham and David Robbins just to quote a few of them. Potential Estate has exhibited Cabinet Jacocot in STUK (Leuven), Cabinet Reclus in Netwerk (Aalst), Cabinet Hope in Koraalberg (Antwerp), Cabinet Anciaux in 1st Brussels Biennial and Cabinet Jurino in M hka extra muros (Antwerp). The Crying of Potential Estate, their first film, has been screened in CEAC, Xiamen (China)