Rik De Boe (°1964) lives and works in Ninove, Belgium.

His work often deals, in a melancholic way, with the passing of time, memory and the illusive quality of it.

"The re-contextualization or transformation of an image stands at the center of Rik De Boe’s recent charcoal drawings. Humble in scale, the works utilize a point of departure embedded in collective memory. The pictorial details depict ordinary yet powerful visual triggers derived from movie stills, daily objects, and so forth in the service of the black and white modulation—leaving memorabilia rather than drawings. Like Xerox copies of our collective consciousness de Boe’s realism reverses interpretation and manifests images as forensic evidence."
Marc Hungerbuhler for the artist network, New York, January 20, 2010

His work has been presented at Netwerk, Center for contemporary art (Aalst), Gallery Surge (Tokyo), Argos (Brussel), Mex Intermediale und experimentelle Musikprojekte (Dortmund), Bandits-Mages (Bourges), FID (Marseille) and Frontroom (Brooklyn), among others.

He is a co-founder of the artists’ initiative ’Voorkamer’ in Lier (Belgium).
He’s teaching graphics at RHoK Brussels and drawing at KASK Ghent.


  • ° 1964 
  • At view in the media library