The program section ’AV-venue’ at argos will focus on recent artistic and renewing audio-visual art made in Belgium. About 200 artists will present their latest works and offer an overview of the Belgian artistic audio-visual output of the past year. There is an emphasis on work that does not allow for easy categorisation, on work that is experimental, headstrong and unconventional or that explicitly builds a bridge to other art forms. Year after year this manifestation grows in significance. A media library formula makes it possible to consult over 400 new works. The presentation will take place in a particular setting: a temporary media library with over 20 monitors and 5 PC’s enabling the visitors to view the selected works individually. These works range from film and video works, CD-rom, DVD, sound pieces to Internet projects by artists.
Each year ’AV-venue’ offers an ideal opportunity to get informed about new audio-visual work that is stirring in Belgium. Besides offering the mere possibility to view audio-visual work personal encounters individually, sociability and atmosphere are considered important by argos. The media library will therefore be set up as a comfortable lounge, alongside you will find a bar and a restaurant.

This event is part of argosfestival 2001

Antonin De Bemels, Scrub solo 3: Soliloquy, 2001  
  • Fri 05.10.2001 - Fri 12.10.2001
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