Debauche, Jen

°1978 - Charleroi (Belgium).
Jen Debauche has been active as an experimental filmmaker since 2001. In her work, she explores the close relationship between image and sound. She is the founding member of LABO BxL, a photochemical laboratory for research and practice of an autonomous cinematographic form of filmmaking. ...
Der Kandidat (teil 1 & 2), Alexander Kluge, 1980. copyright

Kluge, Alexander

°1932 - Halberstadt (Germany). Lives and works in München.
In the early 1960s, Alexander Kluge was one of the co-founders of the 'Junger Deutscher Film' or New German Cinema. Since then, he has made numerous films and television programmes, and written fiction as well as cultural and social critiques. In his films and television programmes, Alexander Kluge reveals a strong belief in the critical power of a playful gaze. ...

Benari, Yasmina

°1979 - Paris (France).
Yasmina Benari's work is focused on memories, both individual and collective, as well as identity, migration, and the notion of political uprising. While her main focus is documentary, her creative space is located on the border between reality and imagination. She treats photographic and animated images as a volume she sculpts, disturbs, and mixes to shape into various forms ...

Dardenne, Jean-Pierre

°1951 - Engis (Belgium)
Dardenne brothers, Belgian filmmakers known for their starkly realistic approach to working-class themes and characters. In addition to directing, Jean-Pierre Dardenne (b. April 21, 1951, Engis, Belgium) and Luc Dardenne (b. March 10, 1954, Awirs, Belgium) also wrote and produced their movies ...

Rubio, Edurne

°1974 - Burgos (Spain).
Edurne Rubio (Spain, 1974) is a visual artist working in the fields of exhibitions, performance, cinema and architecture. Very often, she makes in-situ projects in public space. Her research has always been related to the individual or collective perception of time and space ...

van. Dienderen, An

°1971 - Brasschaat, Antwerp (Belgium). Lives and works in Ghent.
An van. Dienderen (1971, Braaschaat, Belgium) is a filmmaker and obtained a PhD in Comparative Cultural Sciences. She made several (inter)nationally awarded films, published in (inter)national journals and directs a small non profit art production company (Elektrischer Schnellseher) ...

Tzaig, Uri

°1965 - Kiryat Gat (Israel). Lives and works in Tel-Aviv.
Ever since Uri Tzaig started out as an artist in the early nineties, he has been engaged in cultural, anthropological and political topics. The artist works with multiple media, using techniques to divert the attention of the viewer and challenge his expectations. In his highly reflective and contextual work the ordinary is mingled with the magical ...
Media Burn, Ant Farm, 1975-2003. Courtesy Electronic Art Intermix (EAI), New York

Ant Farm

°1968 - San Francisco (United States).
Ant Farm was founded as an architecture and design group in 1968 by Doug Michels and Chip Lord, who were soon joined by Curtis Schreier, Hudson Marquez, and W. Douglas Hurr. Other members came and went over the years. The collective, whose base shifted between San Francisco and Houston, saw themselves as part of the cultural underground ...

Denicolai, Simona

"Simona Denicolai studied at BRERA in Milan, but until further notice Brussels is her take-off point. She works together with Ivo Provoost. For the description of their work they often refer to the metaphor of the earthworm, which gulps down its context, digests it and casts it back out again in order to survive and be able to move about in its environment ...

Malcotti, Chloé

°1989 - France. Lives and works in Brussels (Belgium).
Chloé Malcotti studied photography and video at HEAD in Geneva, the School of Visual art of New York and the Städelschule in Frankfurt. She currently lives and works in Brussels, focusing on visual art and cinema. ...

Lennep, Jacques

°1941 - Brussels (Belgium).
Jacques Lennep (1941, Brussels, Belgium) lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. He studied Art History at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. Lennep is a multidisciplinary artist and art historian. The imaginary, according to him, works according to a symbolical pattern of “correspondences” – to make use of a term derived from the Symbolists and Surrealists ...
Two Girls Downtown Iowa, Summers Elaine, 1973. Courtesy the Artist

Summers, Elaine

°1925 - Perth (Australia). Lives and works in New York.
Elaine Summers, one of the original members of the Judson Dance Theater, is one of the pioneers of conceptual dance from the 1960s and 1970s ...

Augustijnen, Sven

°1970 - Mechelen (Belgium). Lives and works in Brussels.
Sven Augustijnen (°1970 in Mechelen) studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, the Hoger Sint-Lukas Instituut in Brussels, and at the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht. His work concentrates mainly on the tradition of portraiture and the porous boundaries between fiction and reality, using a hybrid of genres and techniques to disorienting effect ...

Liénard, Bénédicte

°1965 - Mons (Belgium).
The films of Liénard show a strong social commitment towards the least visible, the most vulnerable layers of the population, in a style which fluctuates between the intimate and the political. ...

Nyst, Jacques Louis

°1942 - Liège (Belgium).
Jacques Louis Nyst, who was a painter, multimedia artist, publicist and also pioneer of Belgian video art, produced a very consistent body of video work. Together with his wife, Danièle Nyst, he made reflective, capricious, fantastic, poetic or purely theoretical videos ...

Suermondt, Robert

°1961 - Geneva (Switzerland). Lives and works in Brussels and The Hague.
Robert Suermondt studied at the Ecole Supérieure d’Arts Visuels in Genève and at the Rijksakademie voor Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam. In his films, Suermondt demonstrates an explicit attitude towards the exploration of the dramatic potential of anonymous places as well of his own way of looking. The boundaries between the act of looking and the act of filming are never clearly drawn ...

Visser, Barbara

°1966 - Haarlem (The Netherlands).
In the majority of projects, executed in photography, film, print, text or performance, Barbara Visser has been occupied with the uncertain relationship between registration and dramatization, plays with notions of original and copy, and questions the way history and memory are being shaped by both the individual and society ...